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Music Net

Music is a celebration of God's gifts 

music awakens the senses
composing reflections from life's reasoned fences
encoded skill and mind is the foundry
beyond the grip of night's emotional boundary

The Mole


grown old

events be told

time creates a hole
music deep in the soul
of the quiet shy broken mole 
as darkness grows spirit pays the toll
then with light and persistence reaches its goal
like music makes silence so the diamond becomes coal
life managing death as mole plays his timely understudied role
Moving forward 

1969 was the year I would have graduated high school but had different ideas.


Over the years I've had a number of favorite music artists. Many reaching the depths of my soul and lifting me out. The Moody Blues captured it the longest with this song.


Celebrate with me this beautiful song I call life!


Watching and Waiting, The Moody Blues - 1969


"Watching and waiting

For a friend to play with

Why have I been alone so long

Mole he is burrowing

His way to the sunlight

He knows there's Someone there so strong"


"'Cause here there's lots of room for doing
The things you've always been denied
Look and gather all you want to
There's no one here to stop you trying"

"Soon you will see me

'Cause I'll be all around you

But where I come from I can't tell

But don't be alarmed

By my fields and my forests

There here for only you to share"


"'Cause here there's lots of room for doing
The things you've always been denied
Look and gather all you want to
There's no one here to stop you trying"


"Watching and waiting

For someone to understand me

I hope it won't be very long"


January 24, 2022 - When I was young, creating art and music was all consuming. I painted on my bedroom walls, ceiling and anything else that was handy. I played my second hand black Harmony 1950s model semi hollow body electric guitar every available moment. Music and art flowed from me like rain off the Appalachian Mountains!

Something happened on my way into adulthood. Having a healthy family became the most important thing. Music and art creation gradually tapered off. My drive to create fizzled. I convinced myself that I would just start back when I retired. I needed something to help ignite my old art and music "AllSpark".

art, music and words awaken the senses
composing reflections from life's reasoned fences
encoded skill and mind is the foundry
beyond the grip of night's emotional boundary


Below I explain my Ed's Art Net artist's poem for the benefit of anyone who would like an explanation.


art, music and words awaken the senses

(Art, music and words can inspire us emotionally and can make us feel good or bad)

composing reflections from life's reasoned fences

(Each of us has a unique life and emotional perspective so our reactions can be different to a given work of art, music or words)


encoded skill and mind is the foundry

(Artists each have unique and special talents to share)

beyond the grip of night's emotional boundary

(Some artists, maybe many, battle with the numbing effects of anxiety and depression)


Keep moving 

Ed's Art Net finally began to take coherent shape after I retired in early 2020. It soon developed a new AllSpark all its own. I now have a similar feeling from it that I felt in my youth with my bedroom ceiling and neighbor annoying Sears amp.

Before retirement, I managed to acquire a surplus professional grade art table and my "teen dream" guitar rig. 


When Ed's Art Net developed its "AllSpark", it kindled hope that I would begin to paint and play productively again. Now I have all I need to start anew.

Peddle Boogie & Jam

Sounds eminating from the basement

"Oblio" - 1974 Ovation Artist Balladeer

"Snoopy, Bullwinkle, Marvin, Buzz, Optimus, Woody and Rocky" - My "Freedom's Elation" retirement rig! There's nothing practical about this unless you weigh an old man's childhood dream.

"Marvin" - This is my electric guitar pedal board. For those of you who don't know, these are electronic sound modulation and distortion foot controlled devices guitarists use to establish certain tones and effects in their playing. You could call it a foot stomping music machine.

"Woody" - 2016 Gibson Standard LP accompanied with "Buzz" - Sweetwater Sound PreSonus/sE/Shure/Focusrite recording gear zeroed in on one of "Bullwinkle's" eight Celestion G12 Vintage 1960 Marshall speakers.

"Snoopy" - 2016 Fender American Standard Strat with accompaniment.

"Optimus" - 2017 Furman power conditioner and "Rocky" - 2021 Marshall MG15GR practice amp.

"Bullwinkle" - 2017 Marshall JVM410H with 1960 Vintage full stack.

Marshall Mallows

October 14, 2021 - Time keeps ticking.

While I hope to add recordings here at some point, currently when I play, my fingertips feel like uncoordinated marshmallows with nerve endings.

You see, my guitars have been mostly sitting idly by for a long time. Thusly, my fingertips are out of shape. Where they used to have calluses when I was a teenager, they now have marshmallows... with nerve endings.


The only remedy for uncoordinated marshmallows is to develop calluses. 

And while I'm whining, I might as well throw in my knees... unlike John Prine's, they're not fit for the needy, especially the left one. You see, I accidentally whacked it with my three pound hammer a few decades ago nailing some landscape timbers. Ouch!

"Old age ain't no place for sissies!" Bette Davis 


<<< >>>


July 22, 2022 - I began seriously practicing my guitar today. How long it will take is up in the air. I’m starting out with my acoustic and finger picking a few upper fret notes until my fingers hurt. My acoustic has higher action on the strings and is a bit harder to press than my electrics. I think the extra string resistance will help me get in shape sooner. I can only play about ten minutes. Then I have to rest my marshmallows for a while.

I know it's fretful, and I'm kinda picking on myself. But I just keep stringing me along. I hope this corny muse it note strikes a chord with you!


<<< >>>

August 12, 2022 - Quite honestly, I’m just not feeling it right now. My wife says I’m expending too much creative energy on this website. She’s probably right. She’s always trying to help me. She has her hands full.

My guitar used to be fun. I loved playing like I loved drawing and painting. I will recapture those feelings eventually... I just need a mental tuneup!

Culture Comments

Thoughts on the Heavier Side of Reality...

Mental illnesses are probably more commonplace than we like to think. Mental illness is manageable as long as it isn't hurting ourself or anyone else.


Sometimes I make up words. It's a free country. At least it was when I was growing up. So I learned to think freely from the culture that I was living in.

I like to call myself a "commonologist". I like it because it reflects my demeanor. "Common..." because I am no better or worse than anyone I have ever met or heard of except One. And I'm an "...ologist" because I'm a fundamentally curious creature with an incredible knack for the obvious.


I believe that I share these traits with a lot of people.

Life Choice

August 12, 2022 - On the subject of abortion. Life is a simple fact, but not a simple thing because God (Nature) is involved. Life is also a scientific fact. To argue differently is irrational. Since the first humans were created, life has been propagated from a mix of the male and female. A brand new human life starts inside the mother as soon as her fertilized egg begins to multiply cells. We learn this at a very early age. Abortion at any stage after fertilization ends a human life.

Life is a very precious gift from God. The fortunate of us start with a sparkle in our parents eyes. Ideally we begin life in love with our married mother's consent to her husband.
A baby is a life changing blessing for a parent. But before and since Christ, not one of us is perfect. And life isn't always ideal for anyone, but we persevere. The mom has serious work to do growing a baby. The dad gets off pretty easy!
If I could offer any good advice it might be to maintain hope. Hope is what God wants us to nurture. Honor your dad and mom with hope. Mom and dad, honor your children with hope. Hope keeps us alive and moving toward a good outcome when we kindly and patiently persevere!


Do you have an opinion, like, dislike, favorite person or favorite things DIFFERENT from everyone else? That’s not surprising and certainly okay as long as what you think and do doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else. In fact, it’s normal to be unique. And it’s likely a blessing. 

We can love and celebrate that we are each uniquely unique if we make a point to respect one another. But if we think we are smarter, better, more enlightened than (or inferior to) anyone else then we miss out on love.
Life's negative realm is all about hating others. Criminal society is the best example of hate that I know of. Hate is prevalent where people think and act in a superior or inferior manner toward others.
Life’s positive realm is all about loving others as we love ourselves. Loving is the most important aspect of God's Creation.
God created us as unique equals. We should celebrate our uniquenesses and treat each other the same as we treat ourselves.
Being nice to others AND ourselves has its unique rewards.


Summer 2022 - I've been watching the news again. I don't like speaking badly about others. It reflects badly on me. But an awful lot of people, especially our government leaders, desperately need Jesus.

Every time I watch the news, it's apparent that self-centered evil behaving people are having a heyday across the planet.


Good guys don't let bad guys win.

Here at home in the United States we are currently without quality leadership. Instead, we have an incompetent aging corrupt career politician in charge. Proof that ANYONE can become our president. If only he knew how to lead. If only he knew how to make America great again! If only he, his administration, and the radical liberal violent sympathizers weren't destroying America

Former president Donald Trump spoiled us with his solid foreign policy stance and business savvy. He rubs a number of people the wrong way with his demeanor. But in his defense, he's not a career politician. Thusly, he has flair for government repair. Thusly, he is an enemy of the finger pointing political status quo. Thusly, he is who us commonologists need as a leader. Or someone like him possessing his strength, business savvy, and love for our country!

Good guys

I believe with all my heart that the majority of people across the planet, humbly love their neighbors. And the mainstream news simply predominately reflects the powerful and selfish minority.

If we love others, we respect them and help them when needed. Simple as that!


Good guys don't let bad guys win!


We benefit greatly from pursuing God's love. If we obey His commands, we spiritually thrive.

"You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." Galatians 5:13 NIV


The Bible tells me that I will make it to Heaven. I look forward to that!

There’s a ton of things that I would miss from this world but there are a few things that I wouldn't miss. Mosquitoes for example. I won’t miss mosquitoes. In fact, I expect Heaven to be void of mosquitoes. I believe that I may be celebrating not having to deal with mosquitoes! Either that or else I simply won't recall them. But if I do recall, I look forward to speaking with Jesus about mosquitoes.


I want to know if He ever got bit by one. And if He did, what did He think about it. Did He smack it and complain like I do or did He tolerate its feeding on Him and wish it well?

And most importantly, am I in trouble for smacking every mosquito I could. I never wished them well… in fact, I wished them to disappear from the face of the world. 


I get a similar repulsion when I see evil on the news.


If you love your pets, you hate fleas. I sometimes wonder what the good purpose is for fleas. Mosquitoes fall into a similar perplexity.

Why did God create fleas? Maybe it was to provide a livelihood for the good people that fight them… The chemist, the exterminator and the retail clerks that sell flea treatments.


God is way smarter than me. He assures me that bad things happen to quantify and qualify good things. He explains that ALL things happen for the greater good of Heaven.


He tells me that He loves me and to be patient. He tells me to let Him do the worrying and for me to focus on Jesus instead!

Where to from Here

What would any of us do differently if we found out that Christ is returning to Earth tomorrow morning? Of course we're not going to know ahead of time, but His return is the death of evil and the end of our fallen world.
Would you be grateful or worried?
"Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." Romans 13:10 NIV

"On that day they will say to Jerusalem, “Do not fear, Zion; do not let your hands hang limp..." Zephaniah 3:16 NIV

Good News

As sad as it is, there’s a lot of disturbing and disturbed people on the planet. The mainstream news feeds on these disordered individuals. The news itself is disturbed. The mainstream news programming is aimed at the negative.

If you only look at the mainstream media for what’s going on with the world you stand a good chance of losing hope. The mainstream news is a narrow focus to the world.

Goodness is mundane to the nay sayers, so it doesn't make the mainstream news. Somehow our culture cultivates bad news.

I think most of us prefer good news.

Many of us want to know what's going on with the world. It's normal to give a hoot about others and our environment. 


Why doesn't uplifting acts of good get more news coverage. Good news has healing properties. We ALL need healing. None of us NEED bad news. Healing comes from good news!


We can all use a little less bad news and a lot more Hope!

Common Sense

We either have it or we don't.


July 6, 2022 - Why are some folks empowering criminals?
That's irrational.

Criminals are dangerous and destructive. Social misfits. Doesn’t everyone know that? They do evil things to others. Criminals hurt others. Many criminals cannot be rehabilitated and giving them freedom from deterrents gives them more power to do evil.
Why do I feel the need to spell out something so obvious?
Could it be because some of our leaders do not prosecute crimes and the outspoken liberal minded want to take away our law abiding citizen's guns?
Both actions empower the criminal.
That’s what outlawing guns does. And that's what not incarcerating the criminal does. It emboldens the criminal mind to do more crime. 
Less social resistance results in more criminal activity. The criminal feels less encumbered and more free. The law abiding citizen feels less secure and less free.
The criminal mind hates goodness and sees good as the enemy. They are right about that. But it’s all they’re right about. 
The good need guns for defense. The criminals need guns to help commit crimes. That’s elementary. If any gun is outlawed you can rest assured that criminals will have it. Criminals can get all manner of firearms illegally. And they do. And they use them to commit illegal activities.
Why is this difficult to understand?
The right to bear arms is rational.
Prosecuting criminals is rational.
We cannot deter crime by disarming our population. Nor can we deter crime by releasing law breakers from captivity. Both are an insulting disservice to our public protectors AND our law abiding citizens.

New Liberal World Order

July 2, 2022 - "You're kill'n me Smalls!" The New Liberal World Order is killing our country. Their commendable but irrational goal is a “One World” order with no borders. It’s currently a politically violent attempt to apparently unify the planet into a John Lennon’s artful dream “Imagine”. But through means that I’m sure John would not approve.

The planet is not ready for a “New Liberal World Order”. There’s simply way too much evil.

The implementation of said liberal world order is very destructive to our USA freedoms and democracy. And as I mentioned, irrational. It is an ambitious and aggressively dangerous overthrow of the United States as we know it.
This new liberal world order attack on conservatism compromises the security of our country. Both politically and economically. The USA works best when we strike a compromise between our two main sides.
The liberal segment is currently hellbent on domination.
So far, the opposition to this leftist “take over” has been mostly rhetoric from the right. The left just keeps barreling ahead leaving destruction of our freedoms and the weakening of our economy in its wake.
The political climate of the planet is not conducive to John Lennon’s dream or the “New Liberal World Order”. It simply puts us in harms way on a number of fronts. 
Rational thought HAS to enter the mix.
It would be beautiful to realize John Lennon’s dream but that dream is more akin to what Heaven might be like. Evil does not exist in Heaven so borders aren’t necessary. Your neighbors can all be trusted, energy consumption is most likely not an issue and the Leader is very very very powerfully and benignly involved with everyone’s well-being. 
Earth is beautiful, but it ain’t Heaven. Not even close.
The New Liberal World Order plans to destroy conservatism. Conservatism needs to fight back… for our children’s sake.
We can ALL do our part by voting for our most qualified candidates in November. The ones that hold America's best interest at heart.
Let's assure a free and safe country for our kids!


"Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it." Isaiah 8:12 NIV

Why on Earth

if the moon were to speak

would it not be humbling

all our howlings rebounding

Image credit: NASA

Some evidence indicates that we are being observed by technically advanced intelligence and have been for a number of years.

Why aren’t we communicating with them? Since our extraterrestrial visitors are technically advanced, they would hold the key.

Maybe they are struggling with the instability of our culture. Humans are not all trustworthy. How would WE approach a being from another world if given the chance? Would we be calm and polite? Or would we fear and corrupt the outcome?


Many of us humans constantly look to take advantage of others. It seems a number of us believe that our own gratification is more important than anyone else's well-being. I expect an advanced intelligence would realize that and possibly see us collectively as a danger to their OWN culture. So perhaps that's why they are keeping their distance.

Also, we humans are tremendously diverse with our individual and independent brain function physiology. I wonder if their “brain” function physiology is drastically different from ours. We are individually unique. Maybe they are not. Maybe they are acutely and uniformly telepathic. We certainly are not outside of divine intervention.
With a great enough difference, there could be an insurmountable challenge in how to communicate with each other.
We for the most part have shown ourselves to react with irrational and erratic behavioral tendencies regarding outer space visitors.
Our instability and self-centered behavior could be a communication roadblock to them. Perhaps they fear us greatly and are merely interested in observing our culture. It could be that for them, Earth is a place not to be intimately interacted with but simply studied.
Perhaps we are just not civilized enough for safe contact with advanced extraterrestrial beings.


I know many of us would love more direct contact with advanced intelligence but many of us would be dreadfully fearful.

If the extraterrestrials observe Earth from their vantage point as one human culture, they see a neurotic collective to be feared, healed or else avoided.

Perhaps they realize our plight and that evil wanders to and fro over the earth devouring souls because we let it.

If enough of us work towards defeating evil by following God's inspiring Word and obeying His commands, maybe they will start communicating with planet Earth.

Cosmic Twists

Thoughts on the Lighter Side of Reality...

Life Support

The old ball and chain!

Earth image credit:  NASA

COMPOSITE BITMAP – Intrinsically tethered Space Traveler

Rotate Rationally

The End is just as real as the Beginning.

Jesus tells us to fear not, but He isn't speaking to everyone... only His following.

SUNDAY AM – It's a good thing we can't feel the Earth move. If the Earth  were to abruptly stop rotating tomorrow morning, we would all go flying into outer space at an approximate 1,000 MPH (if we were to be standing near the equator). It would be a kind of unique way to start the day... or END the day I should say!


MONDAY AM – And so another work week day begins... in darkness... until the eyelids raise as the sun rises and we are risen to demon’s dark demise


TUESDAY AM – Night has lowered its shadowy veil allowing the un-beckoned light to permeate the pores of the sleeping soul


WEDNESDAY AM – Once again morning's light wins out over night time's notorious battle with the surreal subconscious


THURSDAY AM – Night loosens its ghostly grip as the day begins to engage our endeavor toward existentially enlightened senses


FRIDAY AM – At last, darkness is absorbed by light's gradual and persistent advance until sleep is conquered by ephemeral reality


SATURDAY AM – Blissful sleep inevitably escapes our stubborn grasp and we join the procession in which all enlightened living souls participate... 

Image credit:  NASA



In reference to the Reasons to Believe book Improbable Planet by Hugh Ross, our current 24 hour rotational period is a slowed down rate from Earth's earlier history... Turns out (Ha! A cosmic science pun!) this 24 hours is an optimal rate for advanced life's functional activities... So we are in a kind of wonderful solar and earthly life supportive time domain apex!

Abridged Cosmic Twists

SPACESHIP I – We sail on a ship without sails courtesy of the Big Bang and are collectively perpetuated through space by cosmic forces beyond our control... Thank God!... I can't even control my cat... Can you imagine if Earth had a "steering wheel" where we would wind up!

Image credit:  NASA Apollo 17

VANTAGE POINT I – If civilization had first developed in the southern hemisphere our maps would be upside down.


TIME I – Somewhere between time Zones, Daylight savings time, Greenwich Mean time, Military time, Astronomical time, Atomic time, Earth rotation time, Ephemeris time, Sidereal time, Solar time, Julian time, Father time, and the meantime is an illustration of the fact that no time is like any other time except that it is now everywhere at the same time.


PHYSICS I – Infinity is way beyond human comprehension... (i.e.) How high is up? I've heard it is twice as far as halfway up. I also believe that if you're traveling faster than the speed of light... well... uh... never mind... I expect you'd better concentrate on what's UP in front of you!  


PHYSICS II –  I had an MRI scan... my protons must all be pointing north... Say! Maybe now it will be more difficult for me to get lost!

PHYSICS III – Question: What do you get when you cross a physicist with a cat? Answer: A furry scientist that gets a big bang out of string theory and is either dead, alive or both simultaneously. 


PHYSICS IV – Wi-Fi Antenna Abridgment... Intelligent communication and performance is relative to proximity from the receiving/transmitting device plus a reliance on the ability to articulately capture and release fleetingly fast airborne electrons in a manner that entices energy to constructively focus its reciprocating peripatetic activity within the confines of protruding peculiarly sculpted electrically conductive material that is formed into strange multidimensional antennae geometries.


PHYSICS V – There’s only one planet we live on and it just keeps going around in circles.

CHERRIES I – On many cosmic subjects we don't always understand what we think we know. Take cherries for example... how can life be like a bowl of cherries if the cherries are dying in a restricting bowl. Doesn't this justly illustrate how self-centered, unhinged and twisted our thinking usually is? People see what they want to see and do not hear silence screaming... those poor pitiful cherries... plucked in their prime from their life support only to be humiliated and gawked at... trapped with no way out short of divine intervention... poor pitiful cherries... how can people be so cruel to place you in that predicament and humiliate you with their furtive gazing... insane with misplaced metaphor... poor poor pitiful cherries.

CHERRIES II – Some food for thought... Our life support is restricted to our home planet. We must take a little of Earth with us into space in order to survive. So when we adventure out beyond our home planet in a spaceship... (or a spacesuit), then perhaps we ARE kinda like cherries in a bowl.

SPACE EXPLORATION I – According to current extraterrestrial evidence... resisting intrinsic union with Earth is futile.

Image credit:  NASA

SPACE EXPLORATION II – From what I gather about traveling thru outer space at unimaginable speed... if the rate of travel is great enough, you can traverse time in a controlled manner such that the universe unfolds before you do.


SPACE OBJECTS I – Astronomy is over my head.


SPACE OBJECTS II – It seems to me that meteor "showers" is a pale descriptor for burning rocks hurtling toward us at great speed.


SPACE INVASION I – Our only hope from galaxy conquering hostile aliens would be that they're lactose intolerant.


SPACE INVASION II – I think we should rename our galaxy because "Milky Way" sounds way too wimpy. Hostile space alien invaders are probably always making jokes about it. We need a name that strikes fear into what is likely technically superior space invaders... something like "Dragon's Lair" or "Death Disc"... or "This is Not the Galaxy You Were Looking for... Move Along".


SPACE INVASION III – If you ever meet a space alien... do not show fear, instead be very very friendly and invite them over for dinner. If they don’t eat you... there may be hope for the rest of us.

BLACK HOLES I – If you ever want to get rid of something... throw it in a black hole... and if you get close enough... no one will see you do it.


BLACK HOLES II – In spite of popular scientific belief, black holes are void of problems. In a black hole, there is no difference between an issue and a non-issue. If I have an issue and you do not... and we hold hands and jump onto a black hole... when we pass the event horizon into the singularity our issue and non-issue are indistinguishable.

Image credit:  NASA

BLACK HOLES III – I believe there’s an irrational fear regarding what “they” say about the physics experiments that are creating tiny temporary black holes at leading edge particle accelerators (...not to be confused with participle accelerators)... if physicists ever actually make the tiny black holes larger and stable, it would solve the problem of waste disposal and resolve all humanity’s differences.


SPACE ALIENS I – Two hostile space aliens were eating a clown... one looked at the other and asked, “This taste funny to you?” (...unhinged from ancient human archives)


SPACE ALIENS II – Best Earthbound Friend... My wife does not believe I am human. She said most people would be frightened to see space alien invaders but I would have a family reunion.

SPACE ALIENS III – We all have stress in our lives. If you imagine stress as having a tangible shape which is constantly changing like a surreal dream about hostile invading space aliens... then you realize that the most important things in life are aluminum foil and a front porch.


OUTER SPACE I – I just hope the nuclear powered Voyagers aren’t going to be violating any intragalactic federation territorial treaties... at this lowly stage in our development, I don’t expect we would be able to appease any civilization that would generate such a treaty... of course we should have an out since no one informed us of a treaty, but then again, there’s no telling what to expect when it comes to space aliens... 


OUTER SPACE II  Many of us have a tendency to run out of space. For example, cosmologists and sometimes commonologists like myself, speculate as to what might be outside our visible universe. It is of course, no use to us humans... it could be anything like... say... a storage space that we humans could only complain about since we have no control over the order of things in the universe. What good is a storage facility if we can't reach it to store things! But it's likely a very good thing that humans have no control over order in the universe. Can you imagine lowly humans with that kind of power!? We would probably end up with NOTHING in the visible universe but cowbells.

Father's Day 2016

ORIENTATION I – Some tell me that I'm "space oriented". I tell them that's an oxymoron... especially regarding my personal attributes. "Space" describes the distance between objects occupying what would otherwise be more space. "Oriented" indicates cognizance of one's place at or within any structure or situation. I hold no claim to not occupying a portion of space nor do I hold claim to cognizance of any sort.

ORIENTATION II – What's up?... Is this a mental or directional question? And why do we throw this question out so casually to people we see? Perhaps it is because we want to make certain that, like ourselves, no one else knows the answer either. This is possibly the most complicated question perplexing mankind ("womankind" is far more likely to know).


THE MENTAL 'UP' is a constant variable and can easily be any thought available to the human mind at any instant and regarding any circumstance. The 'up' you may be currently processing in your mind would be relative to your life experience and resulting notion regarding the meaning and existence of 'up'. Were it not for your reading this meandering message, your 'up' could be any thought or combination of thoughts within the capacity of your uniquely developed brain. You could be relating to anything from your past, present or future, depending on your state of mind at the moment you realize you are thinking about something.


THE DIRECTIONAL 'UP' can be anything in any direction from any given point in the universe. Were it not for your pre-existing notion of where 'up' is, relative to where YOU are, 'up' could very well be in any direction at the initial instant you realize you are conscious... i.e., Imagine your self, in a familiar surrounding, leisurely free-floating and slowly spinning and tumbling in a weightless condition, like a spaceman or spacewoman. You will probably have selected the familiar surrounding you are in right now as your reference for 'up'. Now change the reference for 'up' from the surroundings to your relaxed and weightless body... Now your familiar surrounding is spinning and tumbling! Kind of like the planet you live on and this meandering thought.

SPACESHIP II – July 21, 1969 - Apollo 11, Lunar Module returning from the Moon's surface to the Command Module then bound for home which is visible in the distance. Astronaut Michael Collins took the photo from the Command Module. It's been noted that at the time, he was the only human not in front of the camera.

Image credit: APOD NASA Apollo 11 Restoration Toby Ord

Abridged Culture Twists

VANTAGE POINT II – Perspective is a unique perception and perception is a unique perspective. Everybody has at least one.


TIME II – Have you ever really thought about TIME... and how it waits for no one... not even you? Have you thought about it for a long time... a very long time? Did you wonder how long you were thinking about it and couldn’t come up with an answer? Did you realize at that point you were wasting TIME? Time is funny that way... it’s obvious that TIME likes to play jokes on us.


BEHAVIOR I – I'm not always "here" in the true sense of the word "here", but I'm always some "where" due to the restrictive nature of physical laws. However, at some point, I may be forever anywhere at anytime due to the nonrestrictive nature of spiritual laws. (Learned the spiritual part from my religion studies and the physical part from my wife's periodic calling "Ed... Ed!... Ed!!... Stop thinking, you're scaring the children!")


BEHAVIOR II – Normal CAD behavior is personified by navigation in and out of black holes... violating many scientific principles. It is a mysterious skill and not without certain negative repercussions... I being an adequate example.


BEHAVIOR III – There are moments in CAD that cause instant palpitations. These are CPU terminal BLACK HOLE anomalies that instill momentary panic during critical but errant command entries. These junctures initiate at best an undo keystroke or at worst a computer system unrecoverable crash. They are typical lessons learned in CAD tool interaction regarding “what not to do”. There is no finite number of anomalies but if you learn enough of these you are considered a CAD expert.

BEHAVIOR IV – Intellectual Paradoxical Interpretational Anomaly... thinking outside the box will either initiate Admiration and Accolades or Restriction and Restoration.


BEHAVIOR V – Did your parents ever tell you to “behave yourself” and did you ever respond? “Mom, [it's usually the mom] that is so undescriptive and non-committal on your part... you know, as two meager examples, there is GOOD and BAD behavior. So telling me to ‘behave myself’ is open to my personal interpretation.” ...And if you did reply in such a manner to your parent... are you still alive today?

SHAKE SPEARED I – Due to our finite human culture, words and phrases are bound to repeat and be repeated repeatedly... Letters are a much worse problem.


SHAKE SPEARED II – Dedicated to my friend Neufer...
What fright doth yon Winslow bake?
Tis the yeast and briquette is the bun. 
Arise fired bun and thrill the ravenous coon, 
who is ready to lick and smell as thief... 
that thou, err made, art far more fire than eats.


SHAKE SPEARED III – Coffee helps us write faster making caffeine a “participle accelerator”.


SICK HUMOR I – Humor is good medicine no matter how sick we become... which is funny is a sick way.


SICK HUMOR II Dedicated to my friend Billy Bracket...

Speaking of Will... I sure feel sorry for anyone named "Will"... poor guy! If he were to join the military, he would always be having to duck when they say "Fire at Will"... And what about, "Where there's a Will there's a way"... What pressure that must be! Fortunately, there's nothing stronger than Will power and a Will of iron... Don't mess with Iron Will... But then, everyone expects something from a Will... And unfortunately, everyone is better off if you dispose a Will before you die.

NAVEL GAZING I – Funny how everyone I grew up with looks old now... My mind's eye does not see the same person that I look at in the mirror.


NAVEL GAZING II If you’ve frequently visited my webpages you will have noticed that although I obviously enjoy writing, initially my thoughts are typically somewhat disordered. Endings might be in the middle or beginnings might be at the end. Good grammar doesn't happen easily. To correct, I proofread (a lot) and reorganize my writings until they seem to straighten out and become mostly readable without needless human pain and suffering. So that my writings are left with only needed pain and suffering. My daughter suggested that I do my writing corrections before I publish them. I’m trying to follow her advice as best I can but old habits and all... all being my poor initial grasp of proper grammar in conjunction with my contrasting strikingly keen publishing skills! I'm a virtuoso when it comes to editing! Making corrections is compulsory due to my unique brain functional disorder.

NAVEL GAZING III – Writing is a lot like painting. Both are an additive process beginning with a subject or an idea and a blank surface that is eventually filled with structure and color.

VANTAGE POINT III – By my WOKE reckoning, if I identify as an outer space alien... I shouldn't have to pay taxes.

BRAIN I – One thing I’ve noticed is that as we age we appear to become smarter... which explains why the hair on our head begins to gray. This graying-out is a direct result of brain overflow. As we acquire more smarts, we begin to gain excess “gray matter” which turns into a sort of human “flowering” of the head... similar to plant life when it reaches its cyclic and beautiful apex.


BRAIN II – Sometimes I wish I had a brain two. But that would likely just lead to more navel gazing!.

BRAIN III – You're not old until you find out the next day that you put the milk in the cabinet and the Froot Loops in the refrigerator.

BRAIN IV – I have been accused of being a little corny... Seems I have this cranial limp that surfaces frequently like bubbles in a turtle filled pond.

BRAIN V – Some EDucatED people have noticED that ED is usED in many words. But mostly at the END... What's up with that?

ROCK 'N OLD  Now that I'm retired I'm thinking of starting a band again (I was a teenager last time that happened)... We'll play Geriatric Rock and call ourselves "Freedom's Elation" after my favorite retirement emotion...
It'll be rock and rollover but I can't get up!

Ed Caldwell (Bear)

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