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"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10 NIV


Ed's Art Net is a free public web exhibition focused towards ages 12 and up. I make every effort to relay a positive attitude in sharing my mind, work and hope. I design these five webpages to enlighten, entertain & encourage. I want them to help everyone that visits in some good way.

Art is a celebration of God's gifts 

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Thanks to God and also my families and friends for the lessons, love and patient understanding.

Thanks to my good friend Travis Echols who helps make retirement idiot-proof-manageable.

Thanks to IONOS for their efficient and supportive web hosting.

Thanks to all the many helpful and informative web resources linked throughout this site.

Glory belongs to God!

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Casting Art to the Net


Thank you for perusing my website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It began as kind of my own personal version of social media but without much outside interaction beyond praying. I'm pretty much an introvert, so this has remained a publicly one sided internet based therapeutic self portrait since Fall 2007. I hope this website helps you as much as it helps me.

Ed's Art Net changed over the years, especially after I retired at the beginning of 2020. I fell into earnestly editing and tweaking. Retiring and the Covid-19 pandemic "sheltering in place" created a lot of "free" time and it was a paradigm shift when I discovered how to create text hyperlinks.

If you haven't guessed already, my name is Ed... Edward M. Caldwell to be more exact. I live about an hour's motorcycle ride from the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia USA. This photo of me was taken by Phoebe Chen at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan. I was relaxing from a August 2014 two week business trip at the Taiwan Technical Center where I worked with my good friend Rita Huang along with several other designers and managers. The people in Taiwan were great and it was easy to make friends. Rita treated me like family!

My last career job was designing internet operating circuit boards along with a distinguished team of engineers, managers and support personnel. Prior to that I was an electronics technician evolving into circuit board design in the defense industry working with missile systems. My first career job was a professional artist. During my younger years I worked many odd jobs beginning at age nine with a newspaper delivery route.

I'm happily married with two beautiful daughters and the cutest, smartest granddaughter and grandson on the planet!

My good friend Travis of Echols Financial Services once asked if I thought God's purpose for me was to be a teacher... I loved the question because he knows that I have some strong opinions. But I'm just a husband, father, grandfather and an aspiring old artist. My life, family and friends are a precious gift and so is my art. God has been helping me all of my life. He instructs and inspires anyone who loves and listens.

I’m not a writer. I struggle with spelling and grammar. When I think of writers, I think of Sean Dietrich. Sean is a productive writer... writing something about good every day. And I'm not a prolific stereotypical artist. Stereotypes follow expected behavioral paths. When I think of artists, I think of Salvador Dali, beautifully talented and just a wee bit wacky doodle. 

When I was a kid, I started out with aspirations to become a mentally healthy family man, jet fighter pilot, astronaut and forest ranger. But not necessarily consistently in that order. At puberty my goal became rock’n roll star and motorcycle maniac. It’s important to note that I didn't die on my motorcycle. And that my rock’n roll band only lasted about three months. We actually got paid to play once.

When I realized that I needed a career earning more money, I targeted painter and animator. When I found out that painters and animators don’t necessarily earn a steady or significant income, I pursued electronics.

Well, I succeeded in becoming a family man and electronics has provided an adequate income for us. And now that I’m retired, I’m rekindling my youthful motorcycle, art and music dreams but with a bit more patience.

“Time Equals Flavor”


… is a quote from one of my favorite writers, Sean Dietrich, "Sean of the South". His wife was explaining to him why cooking homemade chicken soup takes a long time. Many things in life require time to achieve and patience to realize. Dreams are no exception.

My wife introduced me to Mr. Dietrich's popular writings. His stories are about extraordinary people. People that most of us would stop at a polite greeting. Sean goes further. His works are inspiring and humbling. He writes with a colorful southern wit that is both entertaining and enlightening. There are a lot of extraordinary people out there and Sean Dietrich is one of them.

Fire and Brimstone

When I was a child my parents wanted me to learn about Jesus so they took me to church and enrolled me in Sunday School at Concord Baptist Church in Mableton, Georgia. They also took me to hear the Sunday sermons.


Preacher Davis wore glasses and was a heavy set man with thinning greyish white hair that he oiled and combed straight back. He rendered fire and brimstone style sermons. He would shout, scream and sweat profusely at the pulpit while delivering his messages. He always had a handkerchief nearby. 


When Preacher Davis preached about Hell, he was especially fiery. He preached that we must be saved or else burn for an eternity. So when he invited the congregation to come down the aisle to be saved. I quickly did so without fully understanding. All I knew was that I did not want to endure that much pain for a second let alone an eternity. 


I know Preacher Davis meant well. And I’m not even sure that I’m remembering what he said accurately. But at the time, I got the impression that I was safe from burning in Hell through baptism.


Job 32:8

number of years later and after actually studying the Bible, I came to the conclusion that God would not burn any one of his creations for an eternity. And that my heart and behavior determines my state in the afterlife.


The Bible teaches that we need three things to enter Heaven. If we fail those three things we will enter Hell and die a second time. We won’t be with God and we will end up dead for eternity.


I can see the Devil taking delight in torture but not God. But I do not fully understand God and I'm not expected to. I am expected to follow His teachings. Therefore, I do understand that if we (1) love God, (2) love others and (3) love ourselves in our heart and actions, we will live a second time with Christ in Heaven.

Keep Moving Forward

October 24, 2021 - I was introduced to Pop Tarts at age 13 and now I'm fast approaching 70. My current early morning ritual before I eat a good breakfast usually consists of a single unfrosted tart along with a stout mug of black coffee.

I negotiate this mass production pastry with my wife because she’s always trying to get me to quit the sugary treat. But I just cry a little and remind her that I prefer the unfrosted version (as if that should help). It’s like when I bought my first Indian a few years ago. I whined and cried (pestered is more accurate) for almost six months before she finally said, “I guess you’re not going to give up”… That was all it took. I made a beeline for the nearest Indian motorcycle dealer. 

I’m not saying that Susan is an enabler. She’s a loving spouse that has to deal with a “nine-year-old” bipolar wacky doodle husband. She does her best with what she has to work with. I’m very blessed to have her as my wife and best friend!

Besides motorcycles and pop tarts, I also love my Ed’s Art Net website. Web building, unlike some art projects, lends itself to change and correcting. But I was spending way too many post pop tart hours reviewing and editing. So I’ve been proving lately that I can function without constantly tweaking my “high tech” hobby.

I have come to realize there’s actually “other” things that I can do to fill my post pop tart day. For example, I recently finished cleaning out several decades worth of neglected files. I made quite a large pile of shredded paper and enjoyed finding some forgotten memories including my ancient application for employment at Disney. I remember that they liked my illustrations but rejected me as an employee because of my background. At the time, I was a high school dropout so I expect they had many more better qualified candidates to choose from.
I didn’t get a job at Disney but I've had plenty of other second chances in life so maybe I can do less obsessing over my website as I keep moving forward


December 28, 2021 - Well, I’m in trouble... AGAIN! 

You know how people generally say cute things like “trouble is my middle name”… well “trouble” is my first and last name… my middle name is “always”.

I was good for a while. Spending time constructively, doing things like cleaning out decades of neglect from my file cabinet. But gradually I have fallen back into obsessively working on this website. Seems I can’t help myself. I am driven and I derive a lot of pleasure from Ed’s Art Net but my wife and nurse, who by the way are taking good care of me, think that I'm spending too much time editing and tweaking, as I said, AGAIN! I've had issues with that in the past and we don't want them repeated.

In my defense, I'm an artist. And I love my work. Ed’s Art Net is a fun and challenging ART project. I enjoy browsing through it taking note where I typed wrong or where my grammatical skill lacks clarity and fixing it. It’s also fun to look at. And I enjoy reading my writing, especially after EDiting a few dozen times. I’m not a natural born writer but I do have things on my mind that I want to share. My thoughts don't necessarily flow freely and in proper order so editing is necessary.


A lot of what I share is inspiration from my spiritual life and some of what I share is from my aspiration to be funny and entertaining. Most of what I share is simply my art... mostly my youthful art… where angels were, very intently, helping me survive. I still get lots of help, but I'm more acutely aware of it these days.

Anyway, back to being in trouble… I'm on voluntary restriction. I'm supposed to limit my Ed's Art Net activities to four hours a day. It's only because my Susans love me. Yes there are two. And they are both natural born care givers... wife Susan and nurse Susan. And of course, I love them both.

I’ve witnessed my wife, Susan, help heal things… like birds and cats which will eat a bird given the chance, squirrels and dogs which will eat a squirrel, ducks and turtles which eat ducks. She does her best to help about anything breathing. But we draw the line at mosquitoes! She is also our family caretaker. Our grown up daughters still call her first whenever they have any health crisis.


My other Susan is a registered nurse. She has been successfully supervising me for quite a long time. Nurse Susan helps keep me on course without fencing me in. I wear a chemical straight jacket and she helps adjust the tension on the straps whenever they get too tight or too loose. I look forward to my visits with her. She actually understands my disordered brain.

Both my Susans see me as a health crisis project. I expect that’s because I do a lot of sitting and have bipolar disorder. Seems most of the things that I do involve sitting. About the only thing I do that doesn’t involve sitting is walking. But the ratio of sitting and walking tends to tip heavily on the sitting side. Both Susans want me to live long and be mentally and physically healthy so they work towards that end. Both are very good at their work.


I hope you are lucky enough to have a Susan in your life. I’m blessed with two!

Clear Air Turbulence

God works at His work and we sleep through it.

My favorite oldest ❤️ daughter took this bygone picture of me with another family member. I'm the one with both eyes closed. Jake was always the mild-mannered ham! I must have been practicing for retirement.

Bipolar Awareness

I battle with bipolar and I'm winning. Thanks to perseverance and the love I receive from God, family and friends like my supervising nurse who shares my wife's name.


Bipolar disorder is the modern day name for what was professionally referred to as manic-depressive disorder until 1980. Great strides occurred towards the end of the twentieth century in the successful treatment of this condition. New drugs became available that proved to help control the emotional extremes over time.

Bipolar disorder symptoms are not always readily apparent to people that surround someone with the illness. And unfortunately, not every person with bipolar responds well even to the modern medications that science has provided. Treatment is trial and error and depends a great deal on the bipolar individual to communicate honestly with their doctor to set a proper dosage of proper medication. Even then, there is no guarantee that the medications will work over a lifetime. Adjustments may need be needed from time to time to keep emotions in check. Fortunately, there are now several options for doctors and patients to pursue. It is possible to lead a successful life with this condition.

My purpose in writing about my bipolar condition is to help enlighten those that know me by sharing a little of my experience and also help inspire anyone with bipolar to realize that they can manage a relatively normal existence without being controlled by the extreme polarizing effects. Diligently taking proper medication and a cautious lifestyle are the two main ingredients for success. Working with a doctor and their support group along with activities that do not represent episode “triggers” is fundamental. It is important to learn from experience how to recognize the mood triggers and avoid them where possible. There are some good books that help too, such as Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder by Julie A. Fast and Dr. John Preston. If you know someone that is bipolar, I recommend giving the book a read. It's designed to help family and friends also.

Manic Depression (Self Portrait)

what actor knows

what the actor shows
well-being... (torment)
(anguish)... contentment
melting as it grows
from stealth to prose
disclose not sanity's gage
yet revealed on earth's lighted stage

1978 - Pen and Ink on paper 


I was not aware and had not been diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder when I created this drawing but I did know that there was something wrong with me. This drawing was inspired by the emotional extremes I had been experiencing for a long time. Fortunately I had learned over my years how to hide my emotional state enough to function successfully around others. I managed as long as the "triggers" weren't too great. I was hospitalized in 1977 after a mental breakdown but was not properly diagnosed... at the time the doctor believed I had taken LSD which was not true... all I knew was that I was not in full control of my brain. It wasn't until 2003 after another mental breakdown that I was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

After my 2003 breakdown the doctors tried different medications at first but we finally settled on carbamazepine and risperidone for the mania and ultimately fluoxetine for the depression. Early on in my treatment after a few years of feeling mentally stronger I got the idea that I no longer needed to take the medications. So with the doctor's help my nurse and I began to reduce the dosages. I didn't make it to completely eliminating the medications before I had a manic episode. I'm grateful to my doctor and especially my nurse for that lesson as I am now diligent about taking my meds. I expect I will be taking medications for the rest of my life.
I'm fortunate that science was able to develop successful treatments for this complex illness. I believe my father may have been bipolar but since his episodic symptoms were of a violent nature I don't feel that the doctors at the VA hospital understood this. I remember my mother saying something about "rage treatments". I don't know what all they used to treat him but I do know from my mother that they used shock therapy to calm him. He never got better for any long period of time while I was growing up so I suspect that they did not know how to properly treat him.
My father's sister was somewhat promiscuous and attempted suicide more than once. My five years older than me half brother died of suicide at age twenty one. They both may have had manic-depressive (bypolar) disorder but I don't know if they were ever diagnosed and treated for it. 

The lower left end of the image (an upside down caricature of a human head) represents downward depressed thinking. The upper right end of the image (an upside up caricature of a fire breathing dragon) represents the high energetic insanity of what I eventually came to know as manic thinking. The tiny dragons inside each polarized head represent the suicidal thoughts that can accompany the two extremes. 

Bipolar Mania

i moved the wind from nowhere to nowhere
cradled among heaven's bright and beautiful
unbound in uncharted abode

Sometimes manic thinking can be quite vivid, even extremely pleasant, making perfect sense to the individual but not usually to other people. Delusions of grandeur are common in the manic state.


thoughts of glory
thoughts with story 
oh wonderful feeling
mind is reeling
with prescription pleasure
without medicinal measure  


Sometimes manic thinking becomes distant. Racing thoughts can seem to have a life of their own... at its worse, it feels like someone else is controlling the brain. This can be very painful mentally as well as physically, kind of like sitting in the pilot’s seat of a jet aircraft and trying to control it with an array of external overriding remote controlling operators fighting over what direction and how fast the plane will go and each operator has a different flight plan. This extremely unpleasant condition can be horrifying and bewildering at the same time. It's like watching a suspenseful horror movie that doesn't make sense or provide a break in the tension.

Suicidal thoughts are also possible during the manic phase. Racing thoughts can lead to a feeling of hopelessness... a feeling of drowning in thought discontinuity... drowning in the sense of being aware of the lack of thought control.


thoughts fly by
no blinking eye 
the soul sees
the mind leave
is this madness
where is adeptness
drowning yet alive 
as soul cries

Manic behavior is unpredictable. Creativity can be extremely enhanced or thoughts can be wildly out of control. Achieving a safe mental balance with lifestyle and proper medication is always the primary goal.

Bipolar Depression

i lost the wind from nowhere to nowhere

ordered midst the dark and distant
bound firm in toxic anguish

Depression will kill you. I see depression as an evil wandering black hole seeking to devour life. It uses all sorts of tactics like reminding you in elaborate detail… over and over… any and all mistakes you’ve made in your lifetime. It also likes to tenderize you with thoughts of unworthiness, making you believe that you do not deserve to live. Another heart wrenching tactic is to take the joy out of the things that you love to do making you further feel inadequate unable to create and socialize. The most heinous of all is the life threatening suicidal thoughts that can occur. Life can seem too much to bear and at its worst, death appears to be relief. At extreme states, medical support and guidance from outside is usually needed.


I have dealt with the evil of depression on and off over most of my life. I have used alcohol to self medicate but that creates another set of problems. I take my prescribed medication for bipolar, try to get good sleep and constantly work at controlling my thoughts. I know the black hole is starting to move closer when I begin to reflect on my history of mistakes. To combat, I tell my brain to think of something good that I did to change focus. It’s an ongoing mental battle that must be fought because the black hole wants to consume me. Writing this is an example of fighting the fight. It helps to focus on what I have learned in my experience. I remind myself that my suicide would deeply hurt my family and friends. It's also important to remember that depression DOES NOT LAST FOREVER and will subside in time. I pray and repeat those two thoughts many times until I’m feeling better. Exercise and healthy eating habits including vitamins helps too. Things I do play a big part in helping my cause.


I usually just tell my wife that I don’t feel good. I explain that it’s like having a virus in my brain. I let her know that thankfully my medication helps so it isn’t as bad as it could be. I’m blessed to have a loving family that cares about me. I'm blessed in so many ways. Since I take meds that actually work, the depression usually doesn’t last very long. Bipolar depression stems from malfunctioning brain chemistry so there isn’t necessarily an outside stimulus or tangible reason for it. However, there are certain triggers that help feed depressed thinking. I have lots of good reasons to be a happy person but sometimes I'm fighting a battle.

darkness creeps

the soul creaks
writhing wormy things bask in the dim 
i shudder, i sicken, i'm sightless
when will this end... 
this eclipse amid the day
stealthy demons lurking in the shadow...
laughing insanely in its playground 
more than a thorn in the side...
a black hole slowly devouring being
i linger coveting death...
but take heart... have patience!
relief has always been time away
hold on to the rim
you know darkness seeps... 
only 'til light casts it back to the deep...
until darkness comes again


Dealing with depression is a battle of the bad thoughts with good thoughts AND deeds. Depression is a stubborn greedy evil black hole. PLEASE ask for help from outside when you first sense your depression is heading out of control. It is very important that seeking help from outside be part of your battle strategy when the black hole gets too near.

Bipolar Stable

i ride the wind from nowhere to nowhere

residing in God sheltered creation 

reflecting science in earthly appreciation 

Taking Charge


Currently, there's not a cure for bipolar disorder. But thankfully, science has developed several drugs that can help the brain operate without the extreme manic and depressed conditions.

Having a caring and stable home life is a great benefit. Managing bipolar is difficult at times but it is more so without people around you that want to help. I'm blessed with a wonderful caring family. Not everyone with bipolar disorder is as fortunate.


Gratefully, my regiment of medications and lifestyle are working well. I also know that doing my best to listen to God, through prayer, His Word and the World around me helps drive my success. I am in many ways very blessed. I am grateful to God for EVERYTHING especially my family, the science and the good people that He helps me encounter.

The Dark Side

November 13, 2021 - Up to now, in this website, I have diligently pursued displaying the more positive aspects of my mind. This is a reflection from the darker side.


As a child I feared my father. At times, I feared for my life. My father was not a stable man and would periodically explode into fits of rage. As a kid, I had no idea how to deal with the violence other than cowering in fear, sometimes hiding in my closet.
My mother did the best she could. Her, my siblings and I were all adversely affected by my father’s insanity. My mom would always call one of my dad’s brothers to come wrestle him to the VA hospital where he underwent restraint and shock therapy. I never knew what else they used to treat him with beyond that. He would come home after a week or two in a lethargic state. Then repeat the pattern at some point. I love him now, but as a child, I mostly dreaded my father’s presence.
As an adult, I realize that he had an illness and his behavior was driven by that illness. The doctors at the VA hospital didn’t know exactly how to help him. My mom, siblings and me all had issues stemming from the stress. I mainly wanted to leave and worked towards that end. I felt that our family was toxic from the stress and we all desperately needed to separate to find relief from the toxicity.
I battled thoughts of suicide. My parents divorced, my older brother ended his own life and a short time later, at age 17, I struck out on my own rejecting my childhood family. I have guilt for not sticking around. It was a selfish act. My mom’s sister once told me that I had to become the man of the house. I think I was 9 at the time. I was sitting in the back seat of my mother’s car and my mom was desperately seeking a place for us to spend the night away from her husband’s rage. My mom’s sister turned her away and I rejected my aunt’s advice.
My childhood wasn't filled with darkness. There was just enough darkness to help me appreciate life's light. I have good memories of my family which is the reason for the guilt. My dad could draw a great Popeye and could build just about anything. One of his many jobs was an assembly worker at Lockheed riveting wings on the C-130 Hercules.
I eventually gained a family of my own. I adopted my first wife Gretchen's parents and they adopted me. They were healthy, good and loving parents for me plus loving grandparents for Susan's and my two daughters.

I have a good life and a wonderful family thanks to God, my wife, kids, friends and the folks that help me deal with bipolar disorder. That and certain aspects of this website have helped me process some of the guilt for abandoning my childhood family. I not only abandoned my dad, mom and younger siblings but also the rest of my childhood relatives as well.
I don't expect to ever lose sight of the darkness during this life, but I also don't expect to ever lose sight of the light and hope. A lifetime is nothing compared to an eternity. I look forward to the healing that Heaven promises!


When I was young, creating music and art was all consuming. I painted on my bedroom walls, ceiling and anything else that was handy. I practiced my second hand black and white Harmony semi hollow body electric guitar every available moment. Music and art flowed from me like snow melt off the Appalachian Mountains.

Something happened on my way into adulthood. Having a healthy family became the most important thing. Music and art creation gradually tapered off. My drive to create fizzled. I just I told myself that I would just start back when I retired.
Well, I’m MOSTLY retired now, but so far, it’s been impossible for me to resurrect the “AllSpark” of creative drive that I need in order to want to play my guitar and paint. I know that I’m capable but motivation has simply not been there for me. It’s like my AllSpark died from neglect.

Mental Health

Bipolar therapy... The folks at LifeStance Health provide excellent care designed for my specific needs. I'm especially grateful to my supervising nurse for her care, knowledge and understanding.

i moved the wind from nowhere to nowhere
cradled among heaven's bright and beautiful
unbound in uncharted abode

i lost the wind from nowhere to nowhere

ordered midst the dark and distant
bound firm in toxic anguish

i ride the wind from nowhere to nowhere

residing in God sheltered creation 

reflecting science in earthly appreciation 

God therapy... Bipolar weather?

Writing therapy... Art is a celebration of God's gifts, both in our minds and the rest of His Creation. Artists finish their work and an audience completes it!

Spiritual therapy... Scene from Pisgah Inn, Blue Ridge Parkway. God's bridge between darkness and light painted with morning color... His Art is infinitely the most inspirational!

My favorite youngest ❤️ daughter took this photo of our home!
That's my favorite oldest ❤️ daughter at the front door!

Family therapy... Home is where the mind can rest and the spirit can soar! 

Porch therapy...This is a Fall season photo... one of my favorite times to enjoy our front porch!

Wind therapy... Courtesy of a beautiful spirit machine like Yona!

Craft therapy... Playhouse I built for my daughters in Spring 1990 matching the basic style of our home. It sports a Dutch door with a heart shaped peep window. Inside I incorporated a fold away table using my early years drawing board.

Let Go therapy... This LEGO dragon specializes in the eradication of a stressful day!

Art therapy... A good example is this 1971 drawing which was a representation of my rebellious youth.

Music therapy... is sound logic.

Cloud therapy... This God's Art picture is from one of the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks. I was riding alone on my motorcycle and God grabbed my attention out of the corner of my eye with this lone Little Cloud that reminds me of "Yona". I felt Great Love as I always do when I'm feeling exceptionally grateful. God loves us and is always letting us know! see 1 John 4:16

Self therapy... I'm a work in progress! A lifetime is nothing compared to an eternity.


January 2, 2022 - I've thought about you a lot lately as my Ed's Art Net visiting audience. Are you actually perusing this website or are you just quickly browsing by? I haven't advertised much so based on the number of visitors, your presence here is likely due to folks sharing the link. I haven’t received much feedback. In fact, very little. So I try to imagine what would help you the most by providing some examples of what helps me the most. It's more likely that you don’t need my help. Maybe you simply enjoy my art and agree with my comments and observations. That’s what I like to think anyway.

None of us are perfect and it's a wee bit delusional, but I also like to think that evil people peruse Ed’s Art Net and become repentant. Realizing there’s a better way!

Maybe YOU battle for sanity like I do. Perhaps you're dealing with something worse. I built this website for me AND you. I built this website with God's help for YOU to complete.

Artists finish their work and an audience completes it

God has been helping me all of my life. I believe many or maybe all of YOU have pain and need help too. I know that God helps us, even when we don’t ask. But we won’t recognize that unless we reach out for Him.

Life's wounds can run deep. Bad decisions can torment. There's no shame in seeking help. In fact, the opposite is true. Not seeking help when you need it is detrimental to yourself and others around you. Don't let pride be your downfall. Heaven waits for the humble. Seeking help for yourself is just as important as helping others.

I'm not a teacher, preacher, nurse or doctor, but I hope that something you saw, read or felt from this website and its links, helps you in some good way.


Thank YOU again for visiting here and for sharing Ed's Art Net with others!

Ed (Bear)

Casting Art to the Net

P.S. - Some things bear repeating. God loves you and is way smarter than you! 

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10 NIV