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"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."

Ed's Art Net is not a business, but merely my five webpage Christian purpose driven collection of artful aspirations toward spiritually and mentally engaging an internet audience (you) with works and words inspired by God's truth, beauty and goodness.


Also included are a few good time motorcycle adventure highlights, some commentary on our troubled USA culture, a bit of thoughtful humor, and my abridged bio focused on taking charge of bipolar disorder.


Ed's Art Net is meant to entertain and enlighten. It's a means for me to give back via the internet a little of what God has given me. If this website helps you in some way, it is serving its purpose.

Art is a celebration of God's gifts, both in our minds and in the rest of His Creation

God's Morning Art

captured by my youngest

Artists finish their work, and an audience completes it

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Ed Caldwell (Bear)
Canton, Georgia USA

Photo credit: Phoebe Chen


Evil belongs with Satan!

Satan leads us into a "Black Hole" of 


Glory belongs to God!

God's incredible Art and Word awakens our senses and

heals our soul!

My testimony...

God has done great things for me! God is the reason I have survived and the reason I have a loving family. God inspires and helps me every step of the way, especially in my art. And Jesus Christ is the only reason I will survive the new heaven and new earth.

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Website building is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding technical art. Ed's Art Net has undergone a lot of changes since I retired. I’m enjoying Freedom’s Elation!

I don’t believe Ed’s Art Net will ever be perfect but I diligently seek God’s help for improvement!

I greatly appreciate my audience. Thank you for sharing Ed's Art Net!

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Artists finish their work, and an audience completes it

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If this website helps you in some way, it is serving its purpose.

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Art is a celebration of God's gifts, both in our minds and in the rest of His Creation

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Casting Art to the Net

Culture Commentary

Thoughts on the Heavier Side of Reality...

"[God] makes nations great, and destroys them; he enlarges nations, and disperses them." Job 12:23 NIV

Freedom is not Free

America was founded on religious freedom. But our foundation is being challenged. The radical liberal left is undermining our religious and other fought and died for freedoms. In a nutshell, they want to cancel our freedom to think and act differently from themselves.

I love my country and the hard working friendly people that support and uphold our Constitution. But freedom of expression allows our citizens to protest and politically work toward inhibiting or eliminating our constitutional privileges. We must recognize that fundamental threat to our freedom and democracy by supporting political candidates that support our Constitution. Maintaining our liberties depends on us to vote for what is right in God's eyes. Not following God's direction takes us down a destructive path.

Freedom’s Ring

Freedom's Ring does not come from political power... it comes from the farmer, front line worker, soldier, grocery store clerk, steel worker and millions of other hard working American patriots that make up the foundation of our great country. Our founding fathers designed in our founding documents that this country would be powered not from the top down but from the ground up. President Lincoln's words, "of the people, for the people and by the people" are sacred to us.

Somewhere between Liberals and Conservatives is out cultural reality. Globalization might be a pivotal point. Liberals promote "one world" politics and Conservatives promote "take care of ourselves first" politics. Maybe that's our political polarization in a nutshell.

If we learned anything from former President Trump, it's that our country thrives by focusing on our own cultural and economic health FIRST. And that our workers are better off with a sharp businessman as president. We miss President Trump!

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never loose infinite Hope." ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

First Amendment

It's our American constitutional right to express ourselves as long as we are not harming anyone or anything. The riots disguised under "protests" are criminal acts and should be prosecuted. Peaceful protests are a privilege but harming others or property is a crime.


Cancel Culture harms and is insulting to EVERYONE! Some people are too easily offended and command too much attention. Facebook and Twitter for example, take it upon themselves to police postings if they don't agree with the content. That is anti-American communistic censoring behavior. Facebook and Twitter are using their technical power to try and control what others say, read and think. They are evolving from free social media platforms into propaganda engines of the socialistic and communistic representing Liberals.

Second Amendment

It's insane that those involved from the Left think that it's okay to defund the police and control gun ownership among law abiding citizens. The Left is fueling violence. The riots in the Democratic run cities and the questionable election are clear messages that certain people of the Left will do whatever it takes to get the power they want. The voting corruption is embarrassing to the world. The insider attack on our constitutional privileges is deeply disturbing. No one is safe. We must be able to defend our families and our Constitution. Criminals do not obey the law.


Some people in public office obviously get the wrong idea about their job security. The folks in the working public sector are expected to earn a profit or else lose their job. Some of our government officials apparently have gotten the idea that they are exempt from that requirement. Seems they have grown accustomed to getting paid regardless of the job they are doing. This "paid for poor performance" no matter the conditions of their governed communities creates a very "dangerous for the citizens" situation. Crime increases and morale decreases. These spoiled incompetent government officials now think that "everyone" should receive benefits from other people's resources just like they do! Henceforth, the birth of Socialism and the death of Capitalism. Now "everyone" wants to get paid regardless of performance so production everywhere suffers. The only way to rectify this problem is to vote incompetent politicians out of office.


Sometimes our "spoiled" government officials get delusional and believe that they know what everyone else should be doing. Again, rectification could not be more clear. Vote them out or if it's an emergency situation, petition them out. We are still (for now) a democracy of, for and by the people. If we lose that, America has fallen.

Where Do We Go from Here

The USA Liberals are insane radical racists accusing everyone else of the evil crimes that they themselves are actually committing. They are well versed in evil's deceptive ways of diverting attention away from their own evil doings by making false accusations against their opposition. Evil knows how to gain power and control over an unsuspecting people. Evil must be countered with greater resolve and perseverance. A bully will not stop bullying until they are stood up to.

How far to the radical left will we be led before America suffers irreparable damage. How evil and dictator-like does the current presidential administration have to become for the American people to be able to see through the lies, deceptions and foundation damaging policies. We don't even really know if our election was fair. There are several indicators that it was not.

Will the people take a stand against the liberal tyranny?

Will the liberal wave endure and destroy our democracy?

Will God tolerate a godless USA?

An evil thirst for power cannot be quenched, it must be appropriately extinguished by the resolute power of good.

Ed (Bear)
Casting Art to the Net

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ― Ronald Reagan

Twisted Cosmics

Thoughts on the Lighter Side of Reality...

if the moon were to speak

would it not be humbling

all our howlings rebounding

Life Support

The old ball and chain!

Earth image credit:  NASA

COMPOSITE BITMAP – Intrinsically tethered Space Traveler

Rousing Rotational Rationalizationalisms

SUNDAY AM – It's a good thing we can't feel the Earth move... if the Earth's rotation were to abruptly stop tomorrow morning we would all go flying into outer space at an approximate 1,000 MPH (if we were to be standing near the equator)... It would be a kind of unique way to start the day... or END the day I should say!


MONDAY AM – And so another work week day begins... in darkness... until the eyelids raise as the sun rises and we are risen to demon’s dark demise


TUESDAY AM – Night has lowered its shadowy veil allowing the un-beckoned light to permeate the pores of the sleeping soul


WEDNESDAY AM – Once again morning's madness wins out over night time's notorious battle with the surreal subconscious


THURSDAY AM – Night loosens its ghostly grip as the day begins to engage our endeavor toward existentially enlightened senses


FRIDAY AM – At last, darkness is absorbed by light's gradual and persistent advance until sleep is conquered by ephemeral reality


SATURDAY AM – Blissful sleep inevitably escapes our stubborn grasp and we join the procession in which all living souls participate... not always willingly but at least acknowledging some fleeting assimilation of awareness... given the absence of irrational episodic behavioral tangents... 

Image credit:  NASA

COSMIC APEX – In reference to the Reasons to Believe book Improbable Planet by Hugh Ross, our current 24 hour rotational period is a slowed down rate from Earth's earlier history... Turns out (Ha! A pun!) this 24 hours is an optimal rate for advanced life's functional activities... So we are in a kind of wonderful solar and earthly life supportive time domain apex!

Abridged Cosmics

SPACESHIP I – We sail on a ship without sails courtesy of the Big Bang and are collectively perpetuated through space by cosmic forces beyond our control... Thank God!... I can't even control my cat... Can you imagine if Earth had a "steering wheel" where we would wind up!

Image credit:  NASA

VANTAGE POINT I – If civilization had first developed in the southern hemisphere our maps would be upside down.


TIME I – Somewhere between time Zones, Daylight savings time, Greenwich Mean time, Military time, Astronomical time, Atomic time, Earth rotation time, Ephemeris time, Sidereal time, Solar time, Julian time, Father time, and the meantime is an illustration of the fact that no time is like any other time except that it is now everywhere at the same time.


PHYSICS I – Infinity is way beyond human comprehension... (i.e.) How high is up? I've heard it is twice as far as halfway up. I also believe that if you're traveling faster than the speed of light... well... uh... never mind... I expect you'd better concentrate on what's UP in front of you!  


PHYSICS II –  I had an MRI scan... my protons must all be pointing north... Say! Maybe now it will be more difficult for me to get lost!


CHERRIES I – On many cosmic subjects we don't always understand what we think we know. Take cherries for example... how can life be like a bowl of cherries if the cherries are dying in a restricting bowl. Doesn't this justly illustrate how self-centered, unhinged and twisted our thinking usually is? People see what they want to see and do not hear silence screaming... those poor pitiful cherries... plucked in their prime from their life support only to be humiliated and gawked at... trapped with no way out short of divine intervention... poor pitiful cherries... how can people be so cruel to place you in that predicament and humiliate you with their furtive gazing... insane with misplaced metaphor... poor poor pitiful cherries.

CHERRIES II – Some food for thought... Our life support is restricted to our home planet. We must take a little of Earth with us into space in order to survive. So when we adventure out beyond our home planet in a spaceship... (or a spacesuit), then perhaps we ARE kinda like cherries in a bowl.

PHYSICS III – Question: What do you get when you cross a physicist with a cat? Answer: A furry scientist that gets a big bang out of string theory and is either dead, alive or both simultaneously. 


PHYSICS IV – Wi-Fi Antenna Abridgment... Intelligent communication and performance is relative to proximity from the receiving/transmitting device plus a reliance on the ability to articulately capture and release fleetingly fast airborne electrons in a manner that entices energy to constructively focus its reciprocating peripatetic activity within the confines of protruding peculiarly sculpted electrically conductive material that is formed into strange multidimensional geometry.


SPACE EXPLORATION I – According to current extraterrestrial evidence... resisting intrinsic union with Earth is futile.

Image credit:  NASA

SPACE EXPLORATION II – From what I gather about traveling thru outer space at unimaginable speed... if the rate of speed is great enough, you can traverse time in a controlled manner such that the universe unfolds before you do.


PHYSICS V – There’s only one planet we live on and it just keeps going around in circles.


SPACE OBJECTS I – Astronomy is over my head.


SPACE OBJECTS II – It seems to me that meteor "showers" is a pale descriptor for burning rocks hurtling toward us at great speed.


SPACE INVASION I – Our only hope from galaxy conquering hostile aliens would be that they're lactose intolerant.


SPACE INVASION II – I think we should rename our galaxy because "Milky Way" sounds way too wimpy. Hostile space alien invaders are probably always making jokes about it. We need a name that strikes fear into what is likely technically superior space invaders... something like "Dragon's Lair" or "Death Disc"... or "This is Not the Galaxy You Were Looking for... Move Along".


SPACE INVASION III – If you ever meet a space alien... do not show fear, instead be very very friendly and invite them over for dinner. If they don’t eat you... there may be hope for the rest of us.

BLACK HOLES I – If you ever want to get rid of something... throw it in a black hole... and if you get close enough... no one will see you do it.


BLACK HOLES II – In spite of popular scientific belief, black holes are void of problems. In a black hole, there is no difference between an issue and a non-issue. If I have an issue and you do not... and we hold hands and jump onto a black hole... when we pass the event horizon into the singularity our issue and non-issue are indistinguishable.

Image credit:  NASA

BLACK HOLES III – I believe there’s an irrational fear regarding what “they” say about the physics experiments that are creating tiny temporary black holes at leading edge particle accelerators (...not to be confused with participle accelerators)... if physicists ever actually make the tiny black holes larger and stable, it would solve the problem of waste disposal and resolve all humanity’s differences.


SPACE ALIENS I – Two hostile space aliens were eating a clown... one looked at the other and asked, “This taste funny to you?” (...unhinged from ancient human archives)


SPACE ALIENS II – Best Earthbound Friend... My wife does not believe I am human. She said most people would be frightened to see space alien invaders but I would have a family reunion.

SPACE ALIENS III – We all have stress in our lives. If you imagine stress as having a tangible shape which is constantly changing like a surreal dream about hostile invading space aliens... then you realize that the most important things in life are aluminum foil and a front porch.


OUTER SPACE I – I just hope the Voyagers aren’t going to be violating any intragalactic federation territorial treaties... at this lowly stage in our development, I don’t expect we would be able to appease any civilization that would generate such a treaty... of course we should have an out since no one informed us of a treaty, but then again, there’s no telling what to expect when it comes to space aliens... 


OUTER SPACE II  Many of us have a tendency to run out of space. For example, cosmologists and sometimes commonologists like myself, speculate as to what might be outside our visible universe. It is of course, no use to us humans... it could be anything like... say... a storage space that we humans could only complain about since we have no control over the order of things in the universe. What good is a storage facility if we can't reach it to store things! But it's likely a very good thing that humans have no control over order in the universe. Can you imagine lowly humans with that kind of power!? We would probably end up with NOTHING in the visible universe but cowbells.

Father's Day 2016

ORIENTATION I – Some tell me that I'm "space oriented". I tell them that's an oxymoron... especially regarding my personal attributes. "Space" describes the distance between objects occupying what would otherwise be more space. "Oriented" indicates cognizance of one's place at or within any structure or situation. I hold no claim to not occupying a portion of space nor do I hold claim to cognizance of any sort.

ORIENTATION II – What's up?... Is this a mental or directional question? And why do we throw this question out so casually to people we see? Perhaps it is because we want to make certain that, like ourselves, no one else knows the answer either. This is possibly the most complicated question perplexing mankind ("womankind" is far more likely to know).


THE MENTAL 'UP' is a constant variable and can easily be any thought available to the human mind at any instant and regarding any circumstance. The 'up' you may be currently processing in your mind would be relative to your life experience and resulting notion regarding the meaning and existence of 'up'. Were it not for your reading this meandering message, your 'up' could be any thought or combination of thoughts within the capacity of your uniquely developed brain. You could be relating to anything from your past, present or future, depending on your state of mind at the moment you realize you are thinking about something.


THE DIRECTIONAL 'UP' can be anything in any direction from any given point in the universe. Were it not for your pre-existing notion of where 'up' is, relative to where YOU are, 'up' could very well be in any direction at the initial instant you realize you are conscious... i.e., Imagine your self, in a familiar surrounding, leisurely free-floating and slowly spinning and tumbling in a weightless condition, like a spaceman or spacewoman. You will probably have selected the familiar surrounding you are in right now as your reference for 'up'. Now change the reference for 'up' from the surroundings to your relaxed and weightless body... Now your familiar surrounding is spinning and tumbling! Kind of like the planet you live on and this meandering thought.

Abridged Thinkings

VANTAGE POINT II – Perspective is a unique perception and perception is a unique perspective. Everybody has at least one.


BEHAVIOR I – I'm not always "here" in the true sense of the word "here", but I'm always some "where" due to the restrictive nature of physical laws. However, at some point, I may be forever anywhere at anytime due to the nonrestrictive nature of spiritual laws. (Learned the spiritual part from my religion studies and the physical part from my wife's periodic calling "Ed... Ed!... Ed!!... Stop thinking, you're scaring the children!")


BEHAVIOR II – Normal CAD behavior is personified by navigation in and out of black holes... violating many scientific principles. It is a mysterious skill and not without certain negative repercussions... I being an adequate example.


BEHAVIOR III – There are moments in CAD that cause instant palpitations. These are CPU terminal BLACK HOLE anomalies that instill momentary panic during critical but errant command entries. These junctures initiate at best an undo keystroke or at worst a computer system unrecoverable crash. They are typical lessons learned in CAD tool interaction regarding “what not to do”. There is no finite number of anomalies but if you learn enough of these you are considered a CAD expert.

BEHAVIOR IV – Intellectual Paradoxical Interpretational Anomaly... thinking outside the box will either initiate Admiration and Accolades or Restriction and Restoration.


BEHAVIOR V – Did your parents ever tell you to “behave yourself” and did you ever respond? “Mom, [it's usually the mom] that is so undescriptive and non-committal on your part... you know, as two meager examples, there is GOOD and BAD behavior. So telling me to ‘behave myself’ is open to my personal interpretation.” ...And if you did reply in such a manner to your parent... are you still alive today?


TIME II – Have you ever really thought about TIME... and how it waits for no one... not even you? Have you thought about it for a long time... a very long time? Did you wonder how long you were thinking about it and couldn’t come up with an answer? Did you realize at that point you were wasting TIME? Time is funny that way... it’s obvious that TIME likes to play jokes on us.


SHAKE SPEARED I – Due to our finite human universe, words and phrases are bound to repeat and be repeated repeatedly... Letters are a much worse problem.


SHAKE SPEARED II – Dedicated to my friend Neufer...
What fright doth yon Winslow bake?
Tis the yeast and briquette is the bun. 
Arise fired bun and thrill the ravenous coon, 
who is ready to lick and smell as thief... 
that thou, err made, art far more fire than eats.


SHAKE SPEARED III – Coffee helps us write faster making caffeine a “participle accelerator”.


SICK HUMOR I – Humor is good medicine no matter how sick we become... which is funny is a sick way.


SICK HUMOR II Dedicated to my friend Billy Brackett...

Speaking of Will... I sure feel sorry for anyone named "Will"... poor guy! If he were to join the military, he would always be having to duck when they say "Fire at Will"... And what about, "Where there's a Will there's a way"... What pressure that must be! Fortunately, there's nothing stronger than Will power and a Will of iron... Don't mess with Iron Will... But then, everyone expects something from a Will... And unfortunately, everyone is better off if you dispose a Will before you die.

MEMORY – see BRAIN... see BRAIN... Oh, I said that already.


BRAIN I – One thing I’ve noticed is that as we age we appear to become smarter... which explains why the hair on our head begins to gray. This graying-out is a direct result of brain overflow. As we acquire more smarts, we begin to gain excess “gray matter” which turns into a sort of human “flowering” of the head... similar to plant life when it reaches its cyclic and beautiful apex.


BRAIN II – Navel-gazing... Funny how everyone I grew up with looks old now... My mind's eye does not see the same person that I look at in the mirror.

BRAIN III – You're not old until you find out the next day that you put the milk in the cabinet and the Froot Loops in the refrigerator.

ROCK 'N OLD  Now that I'm retired I'm thinking of starting a band again (I was a teenager last time that happened)... We'll play Geriatric Rock and call ourselves "Freedom's Elation" after my favorite retirement emotion...
It'll be rock and rollover but I can't get up!

BRAIN IV – I have been accused of being a little corny... Seems I have this cranial limp that surfaces frequently like bubbles in a turtle filled pond.

TIME III – Some EDucatED people have noticED that ED is usED in many words. But mostly at the END... What's up with that?

Ed (Bear)
Casting Art to the Net

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