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September 28, 2007


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January 16, 2021


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Casting Art to the Net


Provide an uplifting website following God's guidance through Spirit and Scripture 

Galatians 6:1-10


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drawings, paintings, exposition, Bible references

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Bible inspired compositions, cultural comments 

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motorcycle poem and adventure highlights
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wacky noodle inner and outer space anecdotal humor
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brief bio, bipolar disorder account 



This privately owned, self-published Christian and Art based website is free browsing for you and features a spiritually engaging collection of aesthetic works and compelling words that help celebrate God's truth, beauty and goodness. 2 Corinthians 10:12-13

Art is a celebration of God's gifts, both in our minds and in the rest of His Creation.

Sleepy Morning "Cloud"

An Artist finishes their work, and an audience completes it.

Thank you for browsing by! I hope you enjoy your visit here. My aim is that you find this website uplifting and spread the word and Word.

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Glory belongs to God!

God's incredible Art and Word awakens our senses and heals our soul. Isaiah 53:5

God is the reason I have survived, the reason I have a loving family and is the only reason I have this art to display to the Net. God inspires and helps me every step of the way. And Jesus Christ is the only reason I will survive the new heaven and new earth

Special thanks to my Internet resources and ongoing support highlighted at Special Links.


Art & Exposition

Artwork highlights over the years with brief descriptions


Log Cabin Church is the pinnacle work from my pre-retirement era

Inspired words from my heart and brain with illustrative images


The Road series is a spiritual journey of a Christian kind

Inspired motorcycle poem and adventure images with brief accounts  


Call of the Wind was inspired by two wheeled highway fun

Twisted Cosmics

Featured science funnies and not so deep thoughts with various images


My wife says if we are invaded by space aliens that I will have a family reunion

Brief self bio with images, poetry and contact form


Bipolar Awareness is a firsthand account of bipolar disorder


For illustrated effects and some battle strategies see Manic Depression

Ed Caldwell (Bear)
Canton, Georgia USA

Photo credit: Phoebe Chen

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