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Art is a celebration of God's gifts, both in our minds and the rest of His Creation.


Ed's Art Net is a free Christian public web exhibition designed to encourage others.

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September 28, 2007


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Ed Caldwell (Bear)

Canton, GA USA

Photo credit: Phoebe Chen


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Special thanks to all the people that help make the Internet operate! Especially my good friend Billy Whiten!


An appreciative thanks especially to Bible.com for all the helpful and informative web resources linked throughout this site!

Glory belongs to God!

God's incredible Works and Words awakens our senses and heals our soul!

God is the reason I am alive and have a loving family. God deserves all the credit for the good you find here... I deserve credit for any errors.

Evil belongs with Satan!

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Meetings - Today I realize why God made me. He wants me to make a few corrections.

I start with myself.


I began puberty as a Baptist. I was not allowed to seek Christ on my own.

I don't blame my parents because they believed that they were doing a good thing for me.

They were wrong.


The Bible has been distorted from its original intent. God never meant that we should try to be perfect like Jesus Christ.


God meant for us to primarily do three things.


1. Love God

2. Love our neighbors 

3. Love ourselves


Many of us have been failing to do all three.


I was failing to love myself because of my sins. I learned at puberty that I was supposed to try to be perfect.


That nearly killed me. More than once.

I failed to forgive myself for my sin.


I also fail to love all my neighbors. Some I would like to punch in the face!


Loving our neighbors doesn't mean putting up with the Devil's influence. It means showing them kindness and understanding. If everyone did that it would be a lot easier.

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