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God's Art awakens our senses and can help heal our soul, just like words can. Isaiah 53:5

God is the reason I have survived, the reason I have a loving family and is the reason I have this art to display to the Net. God inspires and helps me every step of the way. And Jesus Christ is the only reason I will survive the new heaven and new earth

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Casting Art to the Net

Light in Darkness

Good ultimately prevails over evil...

God's bridge between darkness and light painted with morning color!

darkness seeps... 
only 'til light casts it back to the deep


Evil Abounds...


September 25, 2020 - So far, 2020 has not been a winner's dream... A deadly virus spawned from China, liberal lying anti-American politicians trying to dismantle our rights to freedom in an attempt to restructure America into a socialist or worse nation, a police officer turned bad apparently murdering George Floyd perhaps for Floyd’s criminal behaviors, criminal rioters looting and burning down businesses killing police officers in the process, anarchistic sociopaths creating chaos in the streets of Seattle and New York, politically motivated murder charge for a police officer trying to do his job in Atlanta, criminals vandalizing statues and national monuments, politically motivated left wing media distorting reporting news to conform to their agenda, radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups "burning down the [American] system" to promote their Marxist agenda, demented efforts to reduce our much needed police force... All this and more making life more dangerous for law abiding citizens!


Who Rules...


We are faced with living in a left wing inspired social Hell created by liberals, radicals and bigots wanting us to live without law and order and our fundamental freedoms. Even our country's heritage is threatened. Thank God President Trump has our American back! He deserves everyone's help in fighting these evil atrocities. I believe the violence we have been experiencing since George Floyd’s death may be based in anti-fascism and misconceptions stemming from blind hate for supremacy groups wrongly focused on President Trump and us American patriots. President Trump is not a fascist, he is a capitalist like the rest of the base of this country. The violent radical liberal left seems to not be able to see past their narrow hostile political view into the good that is actually being done for America under President Trump's leadership. It all comes down to a radical difference in ideology. The criminals want to destroy America and the capitalists want America to be successful. If political leaders are supporting the criminal violence then they are guilty of violence also and should be held accountable.


Golden Rule...


I'm infinite lightyears from perfect but I treat others with respect and kindness because that’s how I want to be treated. I believe I share this trait with the vast majority of Americans. If you’re nice to me you can expect nice in return. If you make comments like, "They may be 'skinfolk' but they ain't 'kinfolk'", then you are acting racist and need to rethink your thinking. We ALL need to see each other as the individuals that we are and not categorize ANYONE by their surface coloring. If you believe that you are oppressed or privileged, inferior or superior then you have the problem not me. You and I are equals especially in God's eyes! I believe I share this equality sentiment with the vast majority of Americans also... If you think that I owe you restitution then you are wrong... I earned what I have and you can earn what you get too. This is a free country where we all have the right to pursue happiness but not at the expense and detriment of others. If you vandalize and destroy art, steal from businesses, burn them down, do violence against your neighbor and especially the police you deserve to be punished and not heralded in some demented way. You are not a hero... you are a criminal against common decency.

We Need God...

If we are mentally without God, we are spiritually alone and left to our own designs and conclusions. Without God we have to explain away our world so that the universe conforms to our man made rules... And without God our rules are imperfect leaving us with an artificial sense of purpose or no sense of purpose at all. Without God we become our own flawed god and remove ourselves from the great goodness and reward that comes from seeking a relationship with our Creator. Without God we easily hate and raise ourselves above others since we perceive ourselves as the highest authority. We need God because we cannot grow properly without Him. Without God we are like lost spoiled children living without supervision pretending to successfully fend for ourselves. We need God because without Him we become self-righteous. We need God to guide us into properly loving our brothers and sisters to celebrate that we are all different. We need God so we can more readily overcome evil. We need God in order to live!


God Loves Us...


I love God with all my being, please don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I completely freak out when I realize there’s a message that He’s been sending me for a long time. He’s so patient! I don’t always grasp what he’s telling me right away, I wish that wasn’t true, I am so slow on the uptake sometimes that I’m amazed He doesn’t give up. I deeply love His patience and especially His sense of humor. I cannot fathom His degree of understanding, but I know it’s there. When I’m actually able to finally listen, I hear unimaginable compassion for all of us. He let’s me know that He loves me deeply and that He knows I love Him too! 1 John 4:16


Light Prevails...


Problems we face usually work out for the good, even the difficult ones. Jesus tells us not to worry, Matthew 6:25-34. I know that is a tall order but trusting in His goodness and light is what He wants us to do especially in trying times. Not all of us are equipped to battle evil at the same level but all of us can certainly trust in God... Evil can win a battle but it cannot win a war... In time, goodness and light will prevail. 

"A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - Ronald Reagan

Strong Leadership = Strong USA

There's a clear path to our country's success by supporting President Trump. He is an astute businessman and a true patriot not a corrupt career politician and he has clearly shown that he knows how to successfully lead our country.

We (United States) are under attack!


China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and others know they could never impose their form of government on the United States with President Donald Trump at the helm. But I think our greatest threat is not foreign powers, instead we are becoming our own worst enemy because we are not a totally “United” country. It’s almost like our very freedoms spawned division among us. Notwithstanding the China born virus, we are facing an even worse evil threat to our freedoms from within our own borders. There are powerful left wing liberal Democrats and radical anarchistic criminals that want to change our free capitalist society into a socialist or other controlled country. It wouldn’t shock me if they insisted on changing our country’s name. (All this politically motivated cancel culture name and logo changing is utterly ridiculous... and guess who pays for it...)

I don't understand why some people are so violently opposed to our fought and died for freedoms. I think those dangerous people are made up from two social extremes... one living in deplorable conditions with little perceived hope of succeeding in life and the other having lived in “spoiled” conditions neither of whom were taught by their parents or ever learned to properly respect others. I started with no money and worked diligently toward success from a humbling background. Anyone can do the same thing because that’s how Americans succeed. We work for what we get. It is a dangerous mindset to not have hope! The spoiled folks prefer that others do the work while they reap the benefits. Those “spoiled children” want the taxpayers to continue the “spoiling” where their parents left off. 


The responsibility for the criminally violent "protests" the country is experiencing on our streets is squarely on the criminals for doing the evil violence and local city and state governments for not doing anything about it. I think we prefer that state and local governments take action to properly uphold our constitution and do their job! If they can't then the state governors should call for federal help. This allowance of criminal violence by local political leaders should be a wake up call for all of us pointing out who the leaders are that are unfit for office.


Disturbingly, the liberal left Democratic leaders and especially the “fake news” believe it’s ok to lie and misreport for political reasons. For example, the Democratic leaders placed their socialist political agenda as a higher priority than the health of the people then lied blaming the Republicans for holding up the stimulus bill. What they meant was... the Republicans would not let them have their way with the bill designed to help struggling citizens. The Democrats wanted their political projects funded as well and were acting like those spoiled and disrespectful children, disrespecting the American people by trying to blackmail the Republicans. 


The fake news hates President Donald Trump for whatever reason therefore are constantly attacking our President with insulting questions and politically opposed biased reporting instead of supporting him with the respect he is due. I think if President Trump resolved practical space travel to distant galaxies the Democrats and fake news would find a way to criticize it... or maybe they just wouldn’t report it! The fake media refuse to report the positive accomplishments of our President and his administration. By their unscrupulous actions, for example choosing to NOT report the violence taking over the peaceful protests, the fake media do not deserve to be called journalists. Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley along with other great media journalists are probably rolling in their graves. Due to the misrepresentation of the truth in the news... the mainstream fake media is causing great division in our country. People who only tune in to mainstream media are being mislead. This fake media practice is dangerous and destructive to everyone!


Make America Great Again!


I love my country and good hardworking friendly people are what make it a great place to live. So far the majority of people want to “Make America Great” as is illustrated by the election of Donald Trump as our 45th President. However the current media polls indicate former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead. Make no mistake... if Joe Biden is elected we will have a puppet President who will be doing the radical left’s bidding. This is demonstrated in Seattle, Atlanta, New York and other Democratic cities where anarchy has been spawning. America’s healthy growth will decline and our global economic competition opposition will profit if Biden wins 2020. On the other hand, if we re-elect President Trump we will continue to make this country great like it is meant to be. “Great” is demonstrated by the good things that have transpired against all odds during his first presidential term in Washington, D.C. as a first time politician in the "swamp"! 


I want my granddaughter to grow up in a country that is SAFE and FREE so I'm voting for President Trump on November 3rd and I pray that you do too. I hope the weak and "dangerous to our American foundation" liberal and corrupt leaders everywhere are replaced with strong patriotic leaders like our current great president!

Before takeoff on a commercial airliner, the stewardess instructs us that when flying with a child and there's an emergency, to place the life supporting oxygen mask on ourselves first before placing the child's on them. This is just common sense but can allude us if we only focus on the child's wellbeing. If we concern ourselves with the child first before our self, then we could perish. This common sense strategy is President Donald Trump's "America First" policy in a nutshell. He's not trying to get richer off America's power, he is looking out for the American people's wellbeing!

Power of Love vs Love of Power


There’s a big difference between doing something out of love and doing something out of a desire for power. 

If someone loves our country, for example, they might give up a lucrative business career to become President and work ten times harder even without a paycheck to help the American people by leadIng them into prosperity and greatness on a global and beyond scale. All the while, chastised by an unscrupulous mainstream media for not being a part of their agenda. Yet in spite of the unprincipled media, maintaining an impeccable, good for the people, political course.
But if someone only wants power, they might do things like, for example, plotting to undermine the successful President by using a made up lie to attempt an impeachment, promoting anarchy by ignoring it, accusing the successful President of atrocities they themselves are guilty of, trying to take credit for the good things that the successful President accomplished, putting their political agenda as a higher priority than the well-being of the American people and hiding their true agenda from the unsuspecting public using a false narrative as a convention platform instead.
President Trump and his administration has demonstrated a propensity to put the people's welfare above political gain. Democratic leaders have demonstrated a propensity to put their desire for power above the welfare of the people. America's welfare hangs in the November third election. I pray we reinstate President Trump for all our sakes. It's ironic but in character that the Democrats are saying the same thing. Their claiming that our democracy hangs in the balance when theirs is the liberal socialist agenda that will take America's democracy down. But then again, they are notorious for lying to the people. After all, power gain is their primary objective so lying is just another tactic. Our current president's and administration's primary objective is to demonstrate their love for our country. The good side of the election is crystal clear love for the American people. The evil side is dark, full of hate and for the most part, their agenda is hidden.

Media Warriors!

Below are four media warriors' on point videos! I'm proud to feature them in my website!

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.1 John 4:18 NIV